Why is it a badge of honor for many car dealers to make their customers wait? How many times do you let prospects stroll unattended on the lot for minutes,  many times getting back in their car without ever being approached? Or, they arrive in the showroom and are told their salesperson will be with them shortly, meanwhile their sales rep is in the break room talking about his adventures over the weekend while a prospective sale is losing patience in the showroom. Particularly in todays ultra competitive sales environment “Time is Money”,  don’t be one of those dealers!
Greet your customers as soon as possible. Be Pleasant , positive and give them space if they request it, but also let them know you will check back with them shortly to see if they would like any questions answered. Let them know about any promotions that may create more interest. If they have an appointment, be prepared when they arrive. Have the car they may be interested in cleaned and ready for a test drive.  These may seem like simple things, but many times the simple things get overlooked and that 1st Impression becomes a bad impression!