Today’s car buyers are smarter and more informed than ever before. Their “BS” detector is always on high alert.  Keep this in mind when developing your marketing strategies. The “Bait and Switch”, telling a prospect a car is available when it was sold last week, although still quite common, more frequently will lead to bad reviews and bad experiences.
Find ways to enhance your market based pricing strategy with a unique dealer experience. Not only do you offer fair and transparent pricing but you also separate yourself from your competition with your dealer experience. Today’s car buyer does not want to be sold! Transparency in your approach as a salesperson is critical. The quicker you can build trust with your prospect with a professional and honest approach, the faster your can diffuse the issue of price only, and begin to build value in your dealership.
Once your prospect feels like you and your dealership are being transparent, then your chances of making a sale, and yes…potentially holding more gross profit, are much more likely..