If you currently have a high performing BDC, then you understand the importance of response time, contact ratio, lead to appointment ratio, etc. If you don’t have a BDC and you don’t have the resources to start one, you still have options. First, change the mindset of your current sales personnel. They can no longer sit and wait for prospects to walk into your dealership.
To be successful in today’s digital marketplace, every sales person needs to understand the requirement of spending 4 to 5 hours a day prospecting. Hold them accountable for outbound phone calls, emails and text communications per day. Monitor their response time and work on their phone skills. Give them the resource of an email library to change their messaging and keep the current promotions in front of your prospects.
The road to the sale no longer starts when your prospect arrives at your dealership, it starts long before that. Most potential car buyers take between 30 to 90 days to make their purchase. How you handle the initial internet lead or inbound phone call will determine your long-term success. If you can train your sales staff to utilize the skills of a high performing BDC, then you will contact more of your prospects, quicken your response time, set more appointments, and sell more cars. Train your sales staff with successful BDC techniques and everyone in your dealership will prosper.