More than Pay Per Click. Dealership Search Engine Marketing gives you the chance to pay for high search positions on search engines and also appear on partner websites.

The goal is to attract qualified web traffic that’s searching for the products and services you offer. Ads appear primarily on the top and bottom positions of the organic search listings on a search engine results page (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Code Markup

Websites that utilize structured data markup are speaking the search engines’ language. It eliminates the guesswork of identifying your site’s content and signals information to search engines in an easy-to-process format.

Content Marketing

Search engines are able to digest and understand Web content better ever. Producing valuable content is now essential and content marketing has huge implications for successful SEO strategies.

Link Building

Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources. Backlinks are a very good way of identifying expertise on a given subject.

Search Advertising

We optimize your pages for the the most cost effective keywords for your business. This includes adjusting URLs, updating META tags, adding image ALT tags, and much more!

Display Advertising

We target in-market buyers with compelling media to drive opportunities to your dealer site. Once users click your ads, they’ll see that the content on our optimized landing pages match your display banners.


You’ve seen how ads follow you once you’ve been to a site right? Well how about having your inventory follow your customers after they visit your site.

We put the cars that your clients have looked at right in front of them as they move across the web. This extra visibility causes more return visits and more leads. VDP views are important so make it easy for clients to get back to where they started with ads that are customized to each customer!

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages are a key component with any digital marketing campaign. DealerBuild develops landing pages that provide unique experiences to viewers and helps drive them to a conversion.

We create conversion optimized landing pages that are built WITHIN your current dealer website, plus we leverage keyword mapping and dynamic inventory ads.

We all know how difficult it is getting your dealership noticed on the Internet. Every dealer has a website and search engines churn out more results than anyone will ever review. DealerBuild will drive targeted traffic to your site with a search marketing campaign that will give you instant visibility and immediate results!

Conversions and Profitablilty

We focus on conversions and profitability and manage your campaign. Our analytics approach ensures that you’ll see progress being made every month and make budget and marketing decisions based on hard data.

Keywords & Bid Management

We manage your keyword bids and identify the ones that have the highest and lowest conversion rates to make sure you’re not bidding too high or low. We monitor performance to reduce costs and eliminate non-converting traffic.

A/B Testing

Every month we test your landing pages and make small changes and then run split tests to see which pages deliver higher conversion rates. This will deliver incremental increases in campaign ROI month over month.

We develop custom search engine marketing strategies for each client to help reach their online goals and objectives in 4 simple steps:

1. Discovery

The more we know, the better our ideas are. We’ll examine crucial search data, industry trends, and competitive analyses. This helps us determine the best message to make you stand out and drive relevant traffic.

2. Build

Now will build your customized PPC management strategy and set up your analytics tracking to measure success. We’ll use our research to understand where your digital marketing currently stands and where it can go.

3. Execute

Here is where we put our big ideas into practice. We’ll keep ads relevant and reaching the right customers at the right time. Then examine data and come up with creative solutions to any PPC problems.

4. Report and Measure

Every interaction a person has with search engines and your website generates huge amounts of data. We use that data to make sure we’ve executed a successful PPC strategy, keep you on budget and generate positive ROI.

Do you want to be more visible on search engines?

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