We live in a tech driven world and automotive inventory management tools are vital to the success of your car dealership. DealerBuild offers advanced inventory management tools that will help you track your inventory and effectively forecast sales. This allows you to ensure that you have the right inventory to match prospects’ demands and convert them to customers.

We help dealers merchandise and distribute their inventory from one unified platform and seamlessly push this information to their own website and all of their third-party advertising sources. LotBuild helps you save time and sell more cars by getting inventory out of your system and in front of online shoppers.

Inventory Merchandising

Take control of your inventory. Inventory Online provides a personalized and easy to use interface for vehicle management.

Vehicle Distibution

Create emotional advertising for your new and used vehicles. Connect with your customers with LotBuild Overdrive.

Photo & Video Syncing

Tell your vehicle’s story through photos and video. Capture high quality photos and video, then upload them wirelessly to LotBuild.

One Platform to Merchandise and Distribute Your Inventory

LotBuild Pro easily aggregates and transforms raw vehicle data into robust, digital vehicle display ads that can be automatically distributed anywhere online.

LotBuild collects data from many sources for each vehicle and protects your changes from being overwritten.

Dynamically Generated Powerful Vehicle Descriptions

Drive more dealership visits with option-specific used car descriptions that capture the imagination of online shoppers, helping them see themselves behind the wheel. PowerWriter generates them for you automatically, giving your inventory engaging, eye-catching content with less work from you.

Price Your Inventory to Move

Knowledge is POWER! Compare your inventory prices to the current internet listing price of more than 3 million vehicles nation wide, with integrated Kelly Blue Book values. Use this feature to see how corresponding vehicles are priced on the Internet.

Expand or Narrow Your Search By:

  • Exact Trim Level
  • Selling Price, MSRP or Internet Price
  • New or Used Vehicles
  • Distance from your location
  • Days in stock
  • Vehicle mileage

Pricing Analysis Tool Features:

  • See the volatility of your pricing based on a ranking system
  • Fully interactive, informative and simple to use
  • Track sales trends with a 12 month history report
  • Predict future pricing changes with a vehicle depreciation graph
  • View market comparisons of your vehicles in real time

LotBuild Add-Ons

The SnapLot app provides a easy-to-use image capture solution for Android and iOS. Photos taken on the lot are uploaded to your inventory via Wi-Fi, decreasing time to market and increasing vehicle turn.
Rapid Retail is a technology that collects data and photos from vehicles purchased from auctions, applies in transit merchandising treatments and distributes that inventory to online advertising sites.
Video Online saves you valuable time by automatically generating and distributing quality videos using your inventory photos while creating engagement with professional voice-overs.

Instead of posting every vehicle in your inventory, choose the vehicles that drive the most traffic on Craigslist. Ad Manager simplifies posting the right cars on Craigslist, eBay, and Backpage with its intuitive pick and post method.

Why hire a lot management firm to make new window stickers or buyers guides? Save big money by printing full-color, custom window stickers and buyers guides directly from your LotMark account.

The fastest way to grow your dealership.

DealerBuild will help guide potential customers to your website & provide the perfect mix of SEO, PPC, and traditional marketing to get in-market consumers to your website – and to your showroom.