DealerBuild makes it possible to influence consumer demand at every stage of today’s digitally-driven shopping process. Our custom, multi-tiered digital program pushes your website rank while setting you up for future success. Integrated ad campaigns use advanced data-targeting capability to reach likely in-market buyers across paid search, display, social and video channels. It’s an advertising solution that is innovative, efficient and effective.

Inventory Marketing

You’ve seen how ads follow you once you’ve been to a site right? Well how about having your inventory follow your customers after they visit your site.

We put the cars that your clients have looked at right in front of them as they move across the web. This extra visibility causes more return visits and more leads. VDP views are important so make it easy for clients to get back to where they started with ads that are customized to each customer!

Search Engine Marketing

No matter where a customer is in the Sales Funnel, they use Search Engines like Google several times in the buying process. Search Engine Marketing is the most cost effective digital marketing because 99% of your clients will use it with a high level of lead conversion.

You aren’t just competing with your neighborhood dealers anymore because national sites are buying positions for your brand and local market. Put your dealership there so you can be part of the consideration process.

Sales & Service Email Marketing

A complete set of branded, compliant PIN-based emails are automatically triggered and sent based on customer activity. They include custom sales and service offers that drive customers to their personal portals.

SEO & Local Listings Management

Showing up high on page 1 is still important. The best way to accomplish that is to have a great local listing on the review and map sites like Google, Bing, and Yelp. A great local listing shows up high in Search results and it is what your clients use to find your dealership.

Let us create, optimize, and keep your local listing accurate so your clients can find you whether on a desktop or mobile device.

We’ll Get Your Dealership On-Track In Four Easy Steps

1. ROI Assessment

We assess the performance of the returns from your department’s investments.

2. Structure Evaluation

We evaluate KEY areas of your dealership; People, Products, Process, Promotions.

3. SWOT Analysis

We utilize the SWOT matrix to evaluate the best approach for your dealerships strategy.

4. Action Plan

This process helps focus ideas & aid decision-making by providing & actionable next steps.

The fastest way to grow your dealership.

DealerBuild will help guide potential customers to your website & provide the perfect mix of SEO, PPC, and traditional marketing to get in-market consumers to your website – and to your showroom.