Instead of posting every vehicle in your inventory, choose the vehicles that drive the most traffic on Craigslist. DealerBuild Craigslist Ad Manager simplifies posting the right cars on Craigslist, eBay National, and Backpage with its intuitive pick and post method. With simplified transactions, ad budgeting, and extensive reporting, DealerBuild Ad Manager is the best choice for your merchandising needs. And now, with Craigslist Ad Manager (Auto Post), DealerBuild can automate the posting process, so you can get back to business.

Ad Manager Auto Post

We handle the process so you can focus on selling more cars.


  • You want to advertise on Craigslist but you do not have time to create ads and post them manually
  • You are unsure which vehicles are in greatest demand on Craigslist


  • Ad Manager (Auto Post) Uses research to automatically post the number of vehicles you specify each month based on the top lead generating vehicles on Craigslist. If you need to post more, a manual option is also available.

Ad Manager Manual

You control your posting and ad budget.


  • You want to post cars to Craigslist and eBay National but do not have an efficient process in place
  • You want to manually select vehicles and post them yourself with more creative control


  • Ad Manager Provides an easy to use interface to post the exact vehicle you choose, using professional ad templates with integrated call tracking, payment methods, and reporting. Use Smart View to select vehicles to post based on 6 advertising categories.

Ad Manager Features

  • Multiple, Craigslist-compliant templates with a variety of calls-to-action
  • Randomized templates improve engagement
  • Customized slogans and titles
  • Your ads stay live on Craigslist while the competition gets ghosted!
  • Easy-to-Track Craigslist Budgeting

Advertise the Right Vehicles

Use Smart View to select vehicles from your inventory based on categories.


  • Top lead generators
  • Which vehicles are priced most competitively
  • National best sellers under $8,000
  • The best deals on your lot under $10,000
  • And More

Advanced Reporting

Analyze Craigslist Activity with Detailed Reporting

  • Ads posted
  • Number of clicks per post
  • Leads received per post
  • Leads by type
  • Leads per hour
  • Landing page activity
  • Referrals

Auto Post Reporting:

  • At any given time a dealer can view all active postings
  • Reconciliation of ads against original budget amount
  • Export Leads to CRM

Vehicle-Specific Landing Pages (VLSP)

Every Craigslist ad includes a VSLP

  • Each VSLP links to all your other vehicles

VSLP’s have been proven to increase dealership website traffic by as much as 28%

  • Multiple themes from which to chose
  • Unlimited full-size photos
  • Multiple lead forms and calls to action
  • Dealer customizable banner
  • CARFAX integration
  • Support for third party credit application

Ad Manager Manual

  • Post to Craigslist
  • Manual Craigslist Postings
  • Post to eBay Local
  • Post to eBay National
  • Landing Page for Craigslist Postings
  • Integrated Call Tracking
  • QuickPlus
  • Smart View
  • Reporting
  • Banner Creation/Customization

Included Classified
Communications package provides:

  • Vehicle specific call tracking
  • Voicemail forwarding
  • SMS lead alerts for salespeople
  • Email notification options for shoppers

Analyze Craigslist activity
with detailed reporting on:

  • Ads posted
  • Number of clicks per post
  • Leads received per post

Evaluate the effectiveness of
Craigslist ads with key metrics on:

  • Leads by type
  • Leads per hour
  • Landing page activity
  • Referrals

Also Available

National exposure
Communicate directly with bidders
Point-and-click listing generator
Reach your local market
Vehicles sent automatically to eBay Local
Customized templates with calls to action

*To use eBay National and eBay Local, you will need an active eBay Motors account.

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